Litter "M"





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Our kittens are born and grow in our home, strictly in touch with us and with the other cats. We look after them and we cuddle them for all the time they stay with us, in this way they can develop an excellent temper, this thing, together with a good health, is very important to us.

The norwegian forest cat has any problem to live together with other cats, dogs or other animals, they are also good mates for children, and they establish with them a friendly and complicity relation; the most important thing is that the child must respect them , without treat them like a toy.

All our kittens leave our home at 4 months, this is really important for a good socialization

They will be dewormed, and vaccinated twice
They will have an ANFI pedigrée and the chip

The new owner will receive the copy of all the tests ( genetical or ecography ) made on the parents

If they will leave for abroad they will be provided with an european passport and vaccinated agains rabies



Avaiable = The kitten is still in search for his new home
Optioned = We got interested people in this kitten, but we decide later because first we want to follow the develop of the baby. Requests are always welcome and not always the persons who put the first requests will be the new owners of the baby-kitten.
Booked = Kitten has found his forever home