About us

Hi Everyone, many thanks for taking a little look on our homepage. We are Stefania and Luca, we live together since 2009, and we breed Norwegian forest cats since 2010. Since I was a little girl I had a great passion for this wonderful breed for many reasons: his fascinating and wild look, impressive body, but most of all for his fantastic sweet temper. When we started to live together, we both decided to find good company in a cat and, of course, we went to visit a cattery of Norwegian forest cats. There we fell in love with our first NFO, Nihal’s Antea. A little bit after we took also Eric, for giving company to Antea. We were so fascinating by this little fur balls, with this super temper, that inside us the wish to have a little cattery was growing.

We decided for a small cattery for a reason, because our cats are living inside the house with us, and they sleep in our beds. They have at their disposal the entire home and a secured balcony outside. We love the idea to have a house completely suitable for cats. We try not to have more than 3 litter a year, so that we can put all our time and energy for every kitten, so that they will be fully socialized before they leave home. Our goal is simple: breed in an intelligent manner! Health and temper is the most important thing for us, then we want to breed Norwegian with a good body structure, harmonic, good coat quality… and another very important thing…. The look!!
Our cats are tested against FIV, FELV, GSD4 and PK-Def, and are regularly tested against HCM, PKD and CIN.

I would like to thank 2 persons without all this wasn’t possible: Margherita ( cattery Vestfjorden’s ) and Monika ( cattery av Snofjord ).
I thank them very much for their support in all this years, I thank you with all my heart!