Avaiable kittens born 01/09/2017




New pictures of Brianna 1 year old




IT* Riverdance Brianna Titiana is Junior Winner!!!




Show Livorno 3 e 4 December 2016

IT* Riverdance Brianna  both days BIV  and Best in Show!!!!



Show Rome 19 November 2016

IT* Riverdance Becky Virginia - BIV and Best in Show




IT* Riverdance Brianna Titiana stays in our cattery!!



  HCM screen-13/04/16

- Bertoli am Baerenbach: normal

-Anastasia Witny av snofjord*Ch: normal

-SC.Ixmoor de Lailoken JW,DVM: normal



Ixmoor de Lailoken JW

became Supreme Champion


Destinguished Variety Merit!!

And arrived second at the national ANFI championship- foreign adults!!

Show in Parma 20/02/16:

-GIC. Ixmoor de Lailoken: CACS- BIV- NOM and BEST IN SHOW!!

- IC. Anastasia Witni Av Snofjord: CAGCIB- NOM

- Bertoli Am Baerenbach*CH: CAC-BIV-NOM

-IT*Riverdance Whisky Free: CACIB

-IT* Riverdance Yarina Viola: CACIB and NOM



Expo Sursee ( CH )

-GIC. Ixmoor de Lailoken JW :

Saturday: CACS/2 - BIV- Nomination

Sunday: CACS/2 - BIV - BEST IN SHOW!!!

- Anastasia Witny av Snofjord :

Saturday: CACIB - BIV

Sunday EX2

Beroli am Baerenbach:

Saturday: EX1

Sunday EX1/2 - BIV- Nomination



Expo Reggio Emilie - Best separato NFO

- GIC. Ixmoor de Lailoken JW: CACS - BIV - NOM - BIS - BOB4

-Anastasia Witney av Snofjord:

Bertoli am Baerenbach*Ch: EX1 - Nomination



Expo Erba

Beroli am Baerenbach: EX1 - Nomination - Best in Show!!!

GIC. Ixmoor de Lailoken JW: CACS - BIV - Nomination

Anastasia Witney av Snofjord: CACIB - Nomination




Echographyc screen HCM e PDK:

- IT* Riverdance Whisky Free: Normal

-IT* Riverdance Yarina Viola: Normal

- Thaya Una Voce *PL: Normal



Welcome Bertoli am Baerenbach!      :)

Clic on the picture for going on his page



Big big congratulations to Ixmoor!!!

The year 2014 ended in a very good way for Ixmoor:

Skogkatt of the year 2014 # 8
ASI championship - foreign kittens # 2
Anfi Lomabardia - kittens of 2nd category # 1 !!
ASI championship - foreign adults # 2
National championship ANFI - foreign kittens # 2



24-01-15 Show in Genova:

IT* Riverdance Yarina Viola: EX1 - BIV

Thaya Una Voce*PL: EX1 - BIV-T and Nomination

IC. Ixmoor de Lailoken JW: CAGCIB - BIV and Nomination

Anastasia Witny Av Snofjord *CH: EX1


07-12-14 Show in Locarno:

IT* Riverdance Whisky Free: EX1/2 - BIV and Nomination

Thaya Una Voce *PL: EX1 - BIV and Nomination

Titran's Sagamix *NL: CAPIB and Nomination


Big Compliments!!!!!!

IT* Riverdance Whisky at his forst show in Rome 07/08 November

saturday 8 november he was EX1/3 - BIV and BEST IN SHOW